The KDO alliance is aware of how crucial it is for women to form tribes and exchange professional expertise. In our supportive network, you may test ideas with peers and learn from experts and other outstanding women.

We currently get together for a network meal once a month, combining wonderful company and delicious cuisine.

We encourage one another on our journeys, share ideas, and forge strong business relationships.
You can anticipate upcoming occasions for networking and collaboration.


Martha J. Fauth graduated from London South Bank University with a B.A. in Arts Management.
5 years of experience working for startups and multinational corporations specialising in digital marketing and branding, plus an additional 5 years of experience working on cultural initiatives.

KDO was established in an effort to unite women for the purpose of advancing their professional growth and to provide a bridge between commercial businesses and cultural institutions.

Institutions and businesses count on my expertise to develop branding, conversion funnels, and content strategies.

I find new ways for businesses to showcase their brand, connect with their staff & reach new audiences, by becoming patrons of the arts.

Arts management expertise includes audience development, arts management, and concept writing.